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Divorce and Marital Settlement Agreement Modifications

Divorce and Marital Settl…

Central Florida Divorce Attorney Assists with the Modification of Divorce Agreements

Divorce is never easy, even when everything seems to be done. Sometimes, situations arise that cause decisions, agreements and prior court orders to be revisited, and modified. For example, after a marriage has been over for a while, family members may realize that the original stipulation of settlement, separation agreement, prior custody order or prior child support order is no longer appropriate in the way it once was before. One example is that the relocation of a former spouse may make visitation rights more difficult depending on the move and the resulting location of the former spouse. There are also a number of other circumstances that can happen over time that require legal modification to a custody agreement that has become outdated. Central Florida family law attorney Jody L. Fisher can help you make the necessary modifications so that the time after divorce, or prior court order, is beneficial to you, your family, and your children.

It doesn’t matter if you have been divorced for many years or it was a recent split, or whether the dissolution of the marriage happened as a result of a contested divorce battle or an uncontested one, or even if you are seeking to modify a prior court order from the Family Court; an experienced attorney is needed even after the marriage is over or after the Family Court order has been rendered. Time creates change, which can require modification to previous agreements or court orders, such as those established in child custody.

Attorney Fisher will make sure that the changes that happen do not negatively impact you or your children. Attorney Fisher is experienced in all areas of Divorce and Family Law, particularly those concerning child custody, parental access and visitation, and child support modifications. Attorney Fisher can help before, during, and after your marriage’s dissolution to litigate your modification application and protect you and your family’s best interests.

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Attorney Fisher will work hard to ensure that you get the modifications you need to have a successful aftermath of your divorce.

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