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Divorce and Children: Child Support and Child Custody Attorney Services

Divorce and Children: Chi…

Leesburg, Florida Divorce Attorney Works with Families to Make the Divorce Process Easier on Children

Divorce is never easy. There are emotional and financial matters to deal with, managing the separation of assets and debts, not to mention determining the custody of children. Divorce can bring freedom or heartache, and much depends upon the legal counsel you choose to represent you during this difficult time, and it can especially affect your children’s wellbeing. By contacting the Law Offices of Jody L. Fisher, serving Central Florida, you can rest assured that your family is in capable hands.

Divorce, or “the dissolution of marriage” as it is referred to in the state of Florida, is a term that describes the legal termination of two parties’ lawful marriage. Not only dissolving the marriage, the court will also divide property, make orders regarding child custody and timesharing, and determine whether there should be child and spousal support and determine payments. No matter the divorce situation, whether amicable or hotly contested, it is important to consider the welfare of children involved, first and foremost. Leesburg lawyer Jody L. Fisher always takes into consideration the needs of the child, and supports her clients in making the best decisions about the care of the children.

Make Divorce Easier on Yourself and Your Family

Make all of this easier on yourself and your family: contact the Law Firm of Jody L. Fisher at her office in Leeburg, Florida, today to discuss your plans to dissolve your marriage. Call 352-241-0391, email info@attorney-fisher.com, or complete our online information form. Our family law firm serves Leesburg, Clermont, and all of central Florida.

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