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Divorce and Social Media

Divorce and Social Media

Leesburg, Florida, Divorce Attorney Uses Facebook and Other Social Media During Divorce Process

It seems that everyone is involved with online social networking these days: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and Foursquare are just a few of the social media sites that are dominating the way people communicate with each other. While most of this activity is harmless, some married or separated people are using these sites to engage in activities that they don’t want their spouse to know about: connecting with former romantic partners, or looking up a current crush are just a few examples. This kind of behavior is doing damage to marriages, but there is a bright side to the use of social networking sites: it can be used as evidence during the divorce discovery process. Leesburg, Florida, divorce attorney Jody L. Fisher has used social networking in many of her recent divorce cases, and it has been a successful tactic for her clients.

During divorce proceedings in which the divorce is contested or a settlement has not been reached during negotiations, there is a process called discovery, the purpose of which is to put together evidence that affects the outcome of the proceedings. Due to the personal and revealing nature of communications on social networking sites, more and more divorce cases are successfully using information gleaned from these sites: incriminating photographs, revealing status updates, or a check-in from a suspicious location are merely some of the kinds of evidence Attorney Fisher has used to successfully affect an outcome in a divorce case.

In the state of Florida, improper, or bad, conduct by either spouse can have an impact on the judgment in cases dealing with alimony, child custody, timesharing, and property division — so gathering any and all information that reveals your spouse in a bad light can favorably affect your case. It is also important that you make certain that you abstain from any potentially incriminating posts on social networking sites during the discovery process.

If you are in the midst of a divorce, or are contemplating beginning the proceedings, it is important that you contact a central Florida divorce attorney with a proven track record of client success in divorce cases.

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