Can You Get a DUI on a Golf Cart - Is This Really a Thing?

If You've Been Charged With a Golf Cart DUI, Contact Florida Golf Cart DUI Attorney Jody L. Fisher

The golf cart. Once solely the province of ball-strikers, the golf cart has become a mode of transportation, especially in Florida.

As golf cart use has expanded beyond the course and onto high school and college campuses, roads, and in retirement communities, Floridians increasingly find themselves facing charges of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) for operating a golf cart. In fact, The Villages even has a webpage dedicated to golf cart DUIs.

While the idea of being charged with DUI for driving a golf cart may sound like something out of a comedy movie, DUI charges, whether for driving a golf cart or any other vehicle, are no laughing matter.

Can I Really Be Charged with Drunk Driving for Driving a Golf Cart?

Initially, you may be wondering if the state can even charge you with drunk driving for operating a golf cart. The answer lies in the definition of the term "vehicle," which includes things like boats, bicycles, scooters, tractors, riding lawnmowers, motorized skateboards, horses, and yes, even golf carts. And remember, even if your vehicle is not moving, you can still be charged with DUI.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you were driving, to convict you of DUI, the prosecutor must prove that you were legally intoxicated. In Florida, you can be convicted of DUI if your BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) exceeds .08, or if you were under the influence of another intoxicating substance like recreational or even prescription drugs.

High Stakes for Central Florida DUI

Penalties for a DUI conviction can be severe, including any combination of: up to 9 months in jail, fines up to $1,000, 50 hours of community service, installation of an ignition interlock device (at your expense), probation, loss or suspension of driving privileges, or having your vehicle impounded for up to 10 days.

How Can a Central Florida DUI Attorney Help?

If you have been charged with a golf cart DUI in Central Florida, it is important that you hire an attorney as quickly as possible. You only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to a request a court hearing regarding the possible suspension of your drivers license.

A former Florida prosecutor, since founding the Law Office of Attorney Jody L. Fisher, I have combined hard work with a dedication to caring for people and meeting their needs. I understand that being charged with a DUI - for a golf cart, or any other type of vehicle - is a scary thing, and that you may be uncertain about the outcome. I have the experience, skills, and tenacity to aggressively defend you against a golf cart DUI charge. While no two cases are the same, I will assess whether I can challenge the the validity of the BAC test, whether the officer had reasonable suspicion to stop you in the first place, or raise other constitutional challenges to the DUI charge. If I can successfully exclude some, or even all of the evidence against you, we have a better chance of negotiating a better plea, getting you into a diversionary program, or possibly having the case dismissed.

If you have been charged with a DUI in or around The Villages, or anywhere in Central Florida, contact a golf cart DUI attorney at The Law Office of Jody L. Fisher today. I offer initial consultations.

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