5 Ways to Peacefully Share Custody on Halloween

Whether you are recently divorced or have been separated for a long time, you should try to work with your ex-partner to provide a fun and safe Halloween for your child. If your child carries a special torch for Halloween, they may insist you and your ex accompany them trick-or-treating.

Here are 5 ways to share a peaceful Halloween for your child.

1. Plan Ahead

Halloween falls on a different day each year. If you share custody, this could change who has your child on the day of celebrations. If this is the case, make sure there’s a plan in place on how you will divide your parenting time on Halloween.

2. Consider Trick-or-Treating Together

If you and your ex are on good terms, it could be a good idea for the pair of you to take your child trick-or-treating. That way the child can experience Halloween as a family and you both can share in the joy. Working together to build happy memories for your child is a great way to teach them how to maintain healthy relationships.

3. Consider Splitting Trick-or-Treating Time

If you and your ex do not get along or can’t stay in the same place for a long period of time, perhaps it would be beneficial to split your time equally. A solution to this problem is to split time between the two of you. For example, one parent can take the child around their neighborhood for an hour or two early in the evening, and the other parent can take your child around their neighborhood after. Double the fun time!

4. Create Costumes Together

Just because you and your ex are no longer a couple doesn’t mean you can’t coordinate costumes. Consider having your child choose the costume theme and letting everyone collaborate from there. For example, maybe your child is obsessed with the latest cartoon movie in theatres. You could each pick a character from the movie to dress up as and take your child door to door.

5. Create New Traditions

If there is absolutely no way you and your ex can work together, create new traditions with your child. Maybe your ex would prefer to take your child trick-or-treating because the night doesn’t mean as much to you. In this case, you can create a special night just for you and your child to celebrate later.

Solving Child Custody Issues

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