Should I Make the First Call to a Divorce Lawyer?

You have exhausted all your will to repair your marriage. Maybe you’ve done counseling, you’ve gained perspective from an outside source like your best friend, or you just want to stay together for the sake of your children. Or, maybe you simply are reminded of the hopes and dream you had when you said recited your vows and said “I do,” and you’re not ready to call it quits. What do you do now? If you’re ready to move on and away from your estranged spouse, it’s an important step to call a divorce lawyer – it means you’re putting what is a thought in your mind into action to effect change.

Why You Should Meet with a Divorce Attorney ASAP if You’re Considering Divorce

Being prepared and protected for the potentially long road ahead is important if you’re considering ending your marriage. If you’re worried, remember that simply picking up the phone to talk to a divorce lawyer doesn’t obligate you to pull the trigger and get a divorce. Rather, it helps you learn your options just in case you do decide to divorce them.

Some of the reasons it’s best to meet with a divorce lawyer early include:

  • Your lawyer can advise you of the options available to you, such as mediation or litigation.
  • If you have children, your attorney will help you understand your custody options and help you put a co-parenting plan in place.
  • It prevents the possibility of making informal plans or separating your belonging without first speaking to a lawyer, which could have negative consequences.
  • Consulting a divorce lawyer is empowering, even if you end up reconciling with your spouse.
  • Knowing the process of how a divorce works will help give you peace of mind.

In the end, only you can decide when the timing is right to pick up the phone and call an attorney to put the wheels in motion for your divorce. Nobody else can do it for you. Your attorney can provide legal guidance and compassionate support as you move on with your life post-divorce.

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