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Juvenile Crimes Attorney in Leesburg, Florida

Juvenile Crimes Attorney…

If your child is accused or arrested for committing a crime in Florida, the Law Offices of Jody L. Fisher can help. We understand the consequences of a criminal conviction and the negative impact on your child’s future, and we will fight to protect their future.

Leesburg, Florida, attorney Jody Fisher is an experienced and committed juvenile law trial attorney who has handled many juvenile cases. Attorney Fisher provides her experience within the juvenile system throughout central Florida. She has had the unique opportunity to work in the juvenile system from both sides — as a former prosecutor now committed to providing criminal defense.

Jody Fisher offers the following juvenile legal services:

  • Delinquency
  • Detention Hearings
  • Determinate Sentencing
  • Certification Hearings
  • Sealing of Juvenile Records


Don't hesitate to contact the Law Office of Jody L. Fisher for a consultation about you or your child's options and rights. With offices in Leesburg, we work in courts throughout central Florida. Call 352-241-0391, email info@attorney-fisher.com, or complete our online information form today. 

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