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Under Florida law, it is preferable for children to have the active care and support of two parents. When a child's natural parents are not able to fulfill both parental roles, adoption may be a way to provide the child with those parental relationships.

I am Jody L. Fisher, and as a family law attorney devoted to the well-being of children, I am happy to help clients solidify their families through the process of adoption. Contact me to schedule a consultation and learn how I can help you fulfill your adoption wishes.

Stepparent Adoption and Florida Joint Management Conservatorship for Same-Sex Partners

Legal Recognition for Supportive Families

Adoption is a procedure where the rights and responsibilities that normally belong to a child's natural parent are transferred from that parent to someone else.

One of the most common forms of adoption is stepparent adoption. This option is typically pursued where only one of a child's parents is really involved in the child's life, and that parent's spouse acts as a second parent and wants to legally formalize that relationship. This can be done with the consent of the other birth parent or through a contested legal proceeding.

I can also help same-sex partners and other nontraditional families pursue the Florida legal option of joint managing conservatorship (JMC). This process allows an individual who is not a child's legal parent to share in parenting rights and responsibilities such as educational and health care decisions.

Adoption allows a child to have a legal relationship with the people who actually care for and support that child. I welcome you to contact me to work with a lawyer who is devoted to helping families adopt. Call 352-241-0391, email info@attorney-fisher.com, or complete our online information form.

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