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Leesburg, Florida, Divorce Attorney Serving Central Florida

Leesburg, Florida, Divorc…

Our law firm has helped men and women throughout central Florida file for divorce, including flat fee uncontested or agreed divorces.

Leesburg divorce attorney Jody L. Fisher has helped numerous people dissolve their marriages and works to provide the following services, which include:


The hope is always that agreements can be made and matters negotiated and settled outside of court. If both parties agree on all of the details relating to the end of their marriage, an agreement is prepared and filed with the court, and there is no court appearance required. However, if matters are not easily resolved outside of court, temporary orders are then needed to address child or spousal support, and child custody, and a court hearing will be held, and if that doesn’t work, a trial before a judge is held. Attorney Fisher tries to avoid this where possible, and always does everything she can to make the process as stress-free on your family, and your children, as can be.

Please read more below about our divorce attorney services or contact the Law Office of Jody L. Fisher for a consultation about your situation and how we can help. Based in Leesburg, we serve families throughout Leesburg and central Florida, including The Villages community.

Filing Divorce

Filing Divorce

Filing Divorce In the state of Florida, the law concerning the "dissolution of marriage" is one of "no fault," which means that the cause of the divorce doesn't matter to the courts. The only basis that is required to file for divorce is "that the marriage is… Read More
Uncontested/Agreed Divorc…

Uncontested/Agreed Divorce

Uncontested/Agreed Divorce Divorce is the bulk of our business. In Florida, there is Uncontested Divorce and Contested Divorce. As a comprehensive family law and divorce attorney I handle both types of divorce and, for your convenience, each of them can be accomplished by E-Ma… Read More
Divorce & Children

Divorce & Children

Divorce & Children Divorce is never easy. There are emotional and financial matters to deal with, managing the separation of assets, not to mention determining the custody of children. Divorce can bring freedom or heartache, and much depends upon the legal counsel you… Read More
Parenting Timesharing Sch…

Parenting Timesharing Schedules

Parenting Timesharing Schedules Divorce, or dissolution of marriage, can be a complicated matter, especially when children are concerned. The state of Florida requires Parenting Plans for all divorcing couples with children in order to ensure that both parents are able to remain in… Read More
Divorce & Adultery

Divorce & Adultery

Divorce & Adultery Sadly, half of today’s marriages will end in their dissolution. For many people, divorce is one of the hardest experiences they will ever go through: families are divided, assets split up, relationships severed permanently, child custody deter… Read More
Divorce & Social Media

Divorce & Social Media

Divorce & Social Media It seems that everyone is involved with online social networking these days: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, and Foursquare are just a few of the social media sites that are dominating the way people communicate with each other. While most of t… Read More

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