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Being charged with a crime can be a frightening experience, especially if the charges are criminal. There are many questions and fears that may come up for you, and you need an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney who will work with you to make sure that your freedoms and rights are protected and upheld during all of this. Attorney Jody L. Fisher has been defending "The Villages" residents for some time, and she has compassion for you and what you are going through. She knows the ins and outs of Florida law, and will do everything she can to minimize the impact this has on your life, and to keep the matter as confidential as possible.

Florida Criminal Charges

Florida crimes can be classified as felonies or misdemeanors. A misdemeanor is usually considered a minor crime, which is punishable by fines, minimal jail time, probation, and other lighter penalties. A felony is the criminal charge most people are concerned with: it is considered a major crime and can result in severe punishment, including heavy fines and prison sentences.

Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Jody L. Fisher is experienced with criminal cases, and cares deeply about the rights of individuals whose lives and reputations are at risk due to a criminal charge. Let her represent you so that all can be quietly put to rights.

Legal Rights in the State of Florida

Even if accused of a crime in the state of Florida, "The Villages" residents have a number of legal rights. One of the key rights of individuals accused of a crime is the right to fair legal representation. Attorney Fisher will do everything she can within the power of the law to be that legal representation, and will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive fair treatment and a solid defense.

Consequences of Florida Convictions

If you don't have an experienced criminal defense attorney, the chances of conviction grow. Some of the consequences of a criminal conviction include:

  • Jail or prison sentence
  • House arrest
  • Probation
  • Criminal record
  • Community service
  • Forfeiture of a vehicle
  • Loss of driver's license
  • Heavy fines

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If you or someone you love has been accused or charged with a crime, it is crucial that you contact Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer Jody L. Fisher as soon as possible. Doing so can minimize, or eradicate completely, the effect this may have on your life. You can rely on her for confidentiality and convenience. Call her today at her Central Florida office at 352-241-0391, email info@attorney-fisher.com, or complete our online information form. Don't delay.

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