Planning for After the Divorce

Divorce isn't easy. The plans you made, the future you envisioned, the life you imagined - all of these will change.

It's natural and normal to mourn the loss of what was. However, the people who most successfully navigate a divorce are the ones who were able to plan for it. As soon as you know your marriage is ending, or even if you have an inkling that divorce may be on the horizon, take steps to protect yourself and create your own exit plan.

Emotional Considerations During Divorce

Of course, one of the first things you'll need to contend with is the sense of loss that so often accompanies divorce. Denial, grief, anger, rage, and depression are all normal. Many people want to begin creating their 'new life' immediately. But before you can move forward, take time to work through the emotional stages of divorce. Sometimes, the aid of a counselor can be invaluable as you re-evaluate the new trajectory of your life.

In many ways, divorce is an ending. However, divorce is also an opportunity for a new beginning. After your divorce, you will have the opportunity to re-invent your life, your self, and reconnect with your own interests. You may find new hobbies, or re-discover old ones. Divorce is also a time to reconsider and refocus on your career, take stock of your talents, and discover new interests.

Financial Considerations

Unfortunately, most people get divorced, and then deal with the consequences. In my practice, I find that the most successful divorces are the ones where people thought about their financial picture before the divorce was finalized.

Living Expenses

One of your first considerations should be your living expenses. While the goal of divorce is to maintain your standard of living, it is important that you re-evaluate your changing needs. Are there ways you can adjust your lifestyle so you can be comfortable on a smaller budget? You might consider a smaller house, or even an apartment or condominium. Because you will need to pay for this home on one income, moving to a smaller home might be a good option.


Do you have children? Will they be living with you? How old are they? What are their needs? And how much will their needs cost? Child custody arrangements have a significant impact on the terms of the divorce agreement. Consider how you and your spouse want to care for your children. At the Law Office of Jody L. Fisher, I counsel my clients to consider what is best for their children, and support them in making decisions that serve the best interests of children in divorcing families.

How to Earn Money

Divorce is also a time to reconsider your career. Do you make enough money to maintain the lifestyle you want? Is there additional training, certification, or education that would enable you to better support yourself? How much will you receive in alimony? Or will you need to pay alimony? As you plan for divorce, consider additional skills you may need. Many times, we can negotiate for career training as part of the divorce agreement. Courts in Florida allow for Rehabilitative Alimony which is intended to get one spouse to a place of financial stability where he or she can take care of his or her own expenses.

Health Insurance

Health insurance can be a major issue in divorce. If you are concerned that your spouse might drop you from employer-provided health coverage or fail to pay health insurance premiums, notify your divorce attorney immediately. I can take steps to ensure that your health insurance will remain in place, at least until the divorce is finalized.

As you evaluate health insurance options for the future, consider whether you'll be eligible for Medicare. Also consider whether you have health insurance available through your employer. You may need to purchase your own health insurance. How you will cover your health care needs is an important consideration in a divorce, and one that can be planned for, if you begin thinking about it early.

Estate Planning

Before the divorce is finalized, re-evaluate your estate planning. You may need to make changes to your Last Will and Testament, or to beneficiary designations for insurance policies. Also review any end-of-life documents, such as your Power of Attorney, Health Care Power of Attorney, and Living Will.

Business Planning

If you own a business and your spouse is your business partner, you have some additional considerations. Some people are able to continue to work with their former-spouse. Others are not.

If you work with your spouse, it will be important to separate legal, financial, and emotional issues. You may decide to split up the business, keep working together, or have one owner buy the other one out. Because there are so many ways to split up a business, it is important that you meet not only with an experienced Florida divorce attorney, but also that you consult with a qualified business attorney to determine the best way to handle your business.

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