How to Choose the Best Florida DUI Defense Attorney for You

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The penalties for a Florida DUI conviction can be severe, and may include fines of up to $1,000, community service, installation of an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) at your expense, probation, up to 9 months in jail, loss or suspension of your driving privileges, and having your vehicle impounded for up to 10 days.

Because the stakes are high, it’s important that you find the best Florida DUI defense attorney for your case. It’s important that you choose a DUI defense lawyer you can trust, and who has the skills and experience to get the job done.

Factors to Help You Choose the Best Florida DUI Defense Attorney for Your Case

Qualifications and Experience

When you’re trying to choose the best Florida DUI defense attorney for you, it’s important that you research the lawyer to find information about their background, experience, qualifications, and whether they’ve handled cases like this in the past.

Just because a lawyer is licensed to practice doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the right attorney for your case. Just like you wouldn’t want a foot doctor performing heart surgery, you don’t want an estate planning attorney who’s never tried a case defending you at your DUI trial.

To help you decide who to hire, schedule an initial consultation and ask the attorney some basic questions:

  • How long have you been in practice?
  • How long have you been practicing criminal law?
  • How long have you been representing people accused of DUI?
  • What other kinds of cases do you handle (most DUI defense attorneys will also handle other kinds of criminal defense cases)
  • How many cases have you taken to trial?

When choosing a criminal defense attorney to represent you in your DUI case, you want a lawyer who has experience with Florida DUI cases, and who understands how the system works. You want a lawyer who has experience taking cases to trial – not someone who’s going to back down the first time the prosecutor challenges them.

I’ve been practicing law since 2002. I started my career as a prosecutor where I handled hundreds of criminal cases involving misdemeanors and felonies, as well as juvenile court cases. I know the complexity of Florida’s legal system, and understand how it can affect your life immediately and in the future. That’s why I work hard to help you understand the impact of decisions you make today, and how they might affect you for years to come.

Case Assessment and Case Management

When you first meet with a DUI defense attorney, ask for their assessment of your case. While every case is unique, a good DUI defense lawyer will be able to give you an overview of the process, how they’d handle your case, and point out problems you might need to anticipate. Of course, a lawyer’s analysis may change as they learn more about the facts and circumstances of your case, but you should leave the meeting with a good idea of how a lawyer will handle your case.

Some questions to ask may include:

  • How would you handle a case like mine?
  • Do you think my case will go to trial?
  • Have you handled a case like this before?
  • What factors work in my favor, and what factors work against me?
  • Can you give me an overview of how a case like this will proceed?

It’s also important that you understand how your case be handled within a lawyer’s office.

At the Law Office of Jody L. Fisher, you’ll work with me and my team of criminal defense professionals so we can provide you with the attention you deserve when you contact my office, even if I’m working on another case.

Attorney’s Fees

Finally, it’s important that you understand how much an attorney will charge for your case, and how you’ll be billed.

In DUI cases, a lawyer will typically ask for part of the fee up-front. Often, if the case results in a plea bargain, you will not owe any additional money. If you choose to take your case to trial, most lawyers will charge an additional fee.

Regardless, make sure that you understand the attorney’s fee structure. Questions to ask might include:

  • Do you charge a flat fee or an hourly rate?
  • What does your fee include?
  • Will there be additional charges and, if so, for what?
  • Is there anything that is not included in your fee?
  • If there are any expenses that are not included in your fee, what are they and how much do you think they’ll cost?
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
  • When is payment in full due?

Choosing a DUI defense lawyer may seem difficult. But with a little research and by asking good questions, you can quickly find the best Florida DUI defense attorney for your case.

Charged with a Florida DUI? Contact the Law Office of Jody L. Fisher Today

If you’ve been charged with a DUI in central Florida, it’s important that you hire a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney as quickly as possible.

At the Law Office of Jody L. Fisher, my team of DUI defense professionals is ready to go to work for you. I have the experience, skills, and tenacity to defend you against a central Florida DUI charge.

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