Is it Okay to Date Before Your Divorce is Finalized?

If you are going through a divorce, you probably feel ready to throw yourself back into the dating pool the fill the void your failed marriage left behind. Divorce, after all, can be a pretty lonely experience and people are often eager to move on and find happiness in a new and budding romance. Unfortunately, dating before your divorce is finalized can actually result in some problems, so you might want to hold off until after the dust settles and your marriage is officially over.

Here are some reasons why you might want to postpone dating until after your divorce is finalized:

  • It will affect your children: If you share children with your spouse, there is no doubt they are going through a difficult time coping with this major life change. They are going to need your presence and support to get through it and, if you are busy dating or getting to know a new partner, it will put a strain on your relationship with them. You might not be able to be there for them as much as they need you to be and they will likely feel confused by the presence of a new partner in your life. Moreover, if your new partner has a criminal record and is spending a considerable amount of time around your children, it could also affect custody or visitation rights.
  • It might ruin your chances of an amicable split: Regardless of who initiated the split, seeing your former spouse date so soon, before the divorce is even finalized, will sting. If there was any hope of a friendly parting of ways, dating someone new might dash that hope. To avoid a contentious battle with your spouse, do not aggravate the situation by starting a new romance in the midst of divorce proceedings.
  • It can impact your co-parenting relationship: Again, if you share children with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, you should be careful with how you handle your divorce since you will continue to be in each other’s lives as co-parents. If you start dating someone new before the divorce is finalized, your spouse might suspect you were cheating on them during the marriage or feel like they are being replaced by your new partner. It can sour your co-parenting relationship, which will inevitably hurt your children.
  • It will keep you from dealing with your problems: When a marriage ends, it is naturally an emotional experience and you probably have some issues to deal with. If you dive back into the dating pool, however, you will deny yourself the chance to focus on yourself. If you really want to find someone new and have that relationship last, introspection is crucial, so do not skip this step just because you are lonely. The dating scene will be waiting for you when you are truly ready.

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