How Does a Judge Determine Alimony?


How Do You Receive Alimony?

Alimony is commonly awarded in a divorce to help the lower-income earning spouse maintain the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage. Shall there be a disagreement on setting up alimony as part of the divorce, a judge will examine a vast array of factors when determining if and how much alimony should be awarded in a divorce.

In cases where it is impossible to reestablish the marital standard of living, a judge may look for other ways to ensure the financial pain is not relegated to only one spouse.

Determining Alimony in a Divorce Case

No two divorces are alike and, therefore, neither is the amount of alimony awarded. To determine alimony, a judge will look at several factors.

Below are some of the factors a judge will examine:

  • The amount each party may reasonably earn every month.
  • The reasonable expenses each party will incur.
  • If alimony can make it possible for the receiving party to maintain a lifestyle that is close to what the couple had during the marriage.
  • The length of the marriage.
  • The age and health of each spouse.
  • The earning capacity of each spouse.
  • The financial situation of each spouse.
  • The economic and non-economic contributions each spouse made the marriage.
  • Any economic opportunities lost due to the marriage.
  • Any other factor a judge deems pertinent to determining if and how much alimony should be awarded.

Additionally, a judge will also determine how long alimony should last. The length of time alimony lasts is not the same in every case. That said, if your financial circumstances change or your former spouse’s situation changes, you may be able to petition the court for a modification of your alimony payments to accommodate your ever-evolving life. However, you will need an experienced family law attorney to advocate on your behalf.

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