The Advantages of Collaborative Divorce


Divorce can be a messy and emotionally taxing experience, but there are some alternatives that can lessen the hostile and acrimonious nature of this process for spouses to consider. If you and your spouse plan on dissolving your marriage and wish to stay out of court and avoid a long and drawn-out battle in front of a judge, you should consider choosing collaborative divorce.

Why You Should Choose Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce provides a plethora of benefits, aside from keeping spouses out of court. If you share children, this approach can be particularly helpful as you continue to co-parent in the aftermath of your split.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing collaborative divorce:

  • Since you will not have to attend court when you choose this approach, the process will likely move along rather quickly, which means you and your spouse can move on with your lives sooner than you would if you were to go through the litigation process.
  • Moreover, a divorce that takes less time also costs less money. If you choose collaborative divorce, you may be able to substantially cut your legal fees.
  • If you have children, opting for a less combative process will help you and your co-parent move forward long after your divorce is finalized, making this a better option for your children.
  • If you choose divorce litigation, the fate of your case’s future will ultimately rest in a judge’s hands and you may not be satisfied with it. When spouses choose collaborative divorce, however, they are more likely to be pleased with the outcome since they wield more control over it.
  • For many, privacy is a concern and, unfortunately, that is generally absent during the litigation process. On the other hand, collaborative divorce allows spouses to maintain their privacy.

If you are unsure if divorce mediation is right for you, consult with an experienced family law attorney to learn more.

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