Signs Your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

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Not every marriage is destined for a happily ever after. In some cases, no matter how hard a couple tries, divorce is inevitable and spouses must part ways. Of course, every couple is unique and what may be a deal-breaker for some may be easy for others to overcome. That said, some reasons for divorce are more common than others.

The Warning Signs

Throughout your marriage, you will undoubtedly face many problems, but not every bump in the road is cause for divorce.

Here are some of the biggest signs that often lead spouses to dissolve their marriage:

  1. Constant unhappiness: It is perfectly normal to be unhappy now and then, but if you rarely ever have anything to smile about when it comes to your marriage, this is a big indicator that you may be headed for a divorce.
  1. Frequent negative interactions: Again, arguing with your spouse is normal, but the frequency with which this occurs can be a big red flag. In a healthy marriage, spouses should not constantly be at each other’s throats.
  1. Friends and family urge you to end it: No one can know what goes on behind closed doors, so your friends and family may not fully understand your relationship with your spouse. That said, if everyone closest to you believes you should end it, you should definitely take notice and consider what they are saying.
  1. Changed goals and values: It would be unrealistic to expect people to remain the same. However, if you change in ways that pull you apart rather than bring you together, it may be impossible to make the marriage work.
  1. Nothing ever feels easy: Sure, marriage takes effort, but it should not always feel like hard work. If your relationship with your spouse is always difficult, this is a sign that it may be time for a divorce.

If you notice more than one of these signs in your marriage, consider speaking to a divorce attorney.

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