Why is January Such a Popular Month for Divorce?


January is the month for resolutions, kicking bad habits, and self-improvement. For some, this may include filing for divorce, which is why January is frequently referred to as the “divorce month.” Although divorce filings begin to spike at the start of the year, however, it is typically the first three months of the year that experience the highest divorce rates. Continue reading to learn more about this annual phenomenon.

New Year, New Chapter in Life

People tend to take stock of their life toward the end of December, examining their choices, accomplishments, and what they wish they could improve. In some cases, spouses may feel that their marriage is hindering happiness, ultimately leading them to seek a divorce. It is not unlike how people may feel about their weight, which prompts a plethora of new gym memberships come January. That said, although the New Year in itself is a common reason behind many January divorce filings, there are other reasons why one may choose to call it quits at the start of the year.

Here are some other reasons why January is a popular month for divorce:

  • The holidays are an emotional and stressful time for many. With so many obligations and stressors, some may be pushed to the limit of what they can handle, which may provide a unique sense of clarity regarding their circumstances. Problems in a marriage that come to light during the end of the year can lead spouses to seek a divorce.
  • It is not uncommon for some spouses to have already made up their minds about divorce long before the New Year. However, for those who have children, the incentive to give them one more seemingly normal holiday may be strong, which is why many wait until after the holiday season is over before pursuing a fresh start.
  • Given the family-centric nature of the holidays, many often reconnect or reinforce bonds with their relatives, which can give them the sense of support and strength they need to finally end their marriage. It is another common reason behind the January spike in divorce filings.

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