When Does Alimony End in Florida?


Although alimony is not guaranteed in a Florida divorce, it is not uncommon for the court to award it when there is a discrepancy in income and assets. However, not every alimony award is alike. The amount and duration will differ based on your unique circumstances, so continue reading to learn more.

How Long Will I Have to Pay Alimony After My Divorce?

No one wants to pay alimony for longer than they have to. In Florida, judges award the type of alimony they deem to be the fairest.

Here are the main types of alimony awarded in a Florida divorce:

  • Temporary Alimony: Generally, this type of alimony is designed to last only throughout the duration of your divorce proceedings. In some cases, if a judge believes continued alimony is necessary, a different type of alimony will be awarded after the divorce is finalized.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony: In order for the receiving spouse to become self-sufficient, rehabilitative alimony may be awarded. It is designed to help finance job training or education for a spouse and has a limited timeframe, which is specified in the award.
  • Bridge-the-Gap Alimony: When a marriage had a short duration, this type of alimony may be awarded to help the receiving spouse transition from being married to being single. Additionally, this type of award does not exceed 2 years.
  • Durational Alimony: If there is no need for permanent support, durational alimony may be awarded. It cannot exceed the length of the marriage and it may be terminated if the receiving party remarries or either party dies. Moreover, the amount awarded can be modified in exceptional circumstances.
  • Permanent Alimony: For marriages of long duration, permanent alimony may be awarded for the spouse who lacks the ability to meet their needs in the aftermath of a divorce. Permanent alimony terminates when either party dies or when the receiving party remarries. It may also be modified or terminated if there is a significant change in circumstances.

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