Wasteful Dissipation and Divorce


In a marriage, spending habits are often a major point of conflict and, in many cases, it can lead to divorce. If your spouse wastefully dissipated assets during the marriage or in anticipation of a divorce, this can potentially have a serious impact on the outcome of your divorce settlement. However, you will need an experienced attorney to represent you.

What is Wasteful Dissipation?

For your spouse’s actions to be considered wasteful dissipation, the amount in question must be significant. If your spouse only spent a small amount to take a lover to lunch or a movie, for example, a judge will likely not consider this wasteful dissipation and it will not have any bearing on your divorce settlement. If a judge determines that your spouse wasted marital assets, you may receive a larger portion of assets to make up for your spouse’s spending.

Your spouse does not necessarily need to waste marital funds for it to be considered wasteful dissipation. Here are some other examples of wasteful dissipation:

  • Sold property or a business for less than their worth
  • Intentionally failed to protect assets

Other examples of wasteful dissipation include excessive gambling, spending large sums of money on an extramarital affair, and buying large quantities of recreational drugs and alcohol.

If your spouse was always reckless with marital funds or some of the wasted assets were used to make extravagant purchases, this may not be wasteful dissipation. Generally, the behavior must be out of the ordinary and the spending must be done for the sole benefit of the wasteful spouse.

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