Establishing Consistent Routines for Kids After a Divorce

Kids in divorce

After a divorce, children may feel a lot of anxiety and fear, especially now that they will essentially be part of two separate households. Despite the fact that you and your former spouse are now living apart, however, it is crucial to establish consistent rules and routines to help your children feel safe and secure during this tumultuous time in their lives.

Creating Rules and Routines

Consistent rules and routines can help create structure and stability for your children during a time when they may feel uncertain about their lives and the future. Moreover, it can help them develop healthy boundaries and good habits. Regardless of the differences you have with your former spouse, it is important to work together and reach an agreement on what is best for your children.

If you are unsure where to begin, below is a list of some of the routines you should consider discussing with your co-parent:

  • Morning routines
  • After school routines
  • Bedtime routines

All of these routines are important for your children, but a consistent bedtime is one of the most critical when it comes to their overall wellbeing. During sleep, children process memories, solve problems, and experience growth, which is why it is essential to ensure this time is not disrupted.

When it comes to deciding on some rules for your children, here are some questions you and your former spouse can ask each other:

  • What issues are you willing to be flexible on?
  • What are the penalties if your children disobey the rules?
  • How will you reward good behavior?
  • How will you communicate these rules to them?
  • Will one parent be in charge of certain matters?
  • Do you anticipate any problems with these rules or routines?

If these rules and routines do not entirely work out, you should be open to revisiting the issue with your former spouse until you can achieve something that works for you and your children.

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