Tips on How to Handle Your Divorce at Work


Divorce is a challenging experience for spouses to navigate, especially when it comes to trying to focus on work. If you are ending your marriage and having trouble getting through the workday, our team compiled some tips that will help you keep your divorce from spilling into your professional life.

Getting Through the Workday

Although you are not required to inform your boss of your divorce, having this conversation will make your life at work a little easier, especially since you will likely need to take some time off from work to attend court or mediation sessions. That said, during this talk, you should avoid mentioning any overly personal details, such as the reason behind your divorce. Maintain focus on how the divorce may impact your duties at work or your schedule instead of turning it into an opportunity to emotionally unload on your boss.

Here are some other tips that will help you handle your divorce at work:

  • Do not make any big decisions. You are already going through some major changes in your life, so you should hold off on rushing into any major changes in your professional life. Take time to think your options through and try not to make any emotionally fueled career choices.
  • Take care of yourself. Eating well, staying active, and getting enough rest will help you keep your mind focused at work. Now more than ever, prioritizing self-care is crucial, so do not forget to care for your needs.
  • Try to use some discretion when it comes to discussing your divorce with your co-workers. The more people you tell, the more likely it is people will gossip. Moreover, the chances are high that your co-workers will frequently ask you questions about its progress, which can distract you and derail your day.

Divorce is rarely a walk in the park, but with these tips and strong legal support, you can get through it.

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