Can I Reduce My Alimony Payments?


When a couple gets divorced, it is common for one to pay alimony during and after the divorce is finalized. However, since life constantly changes, the order initially awarded may not always be suitable as the years go on. If your financial circumstances significantly changed and you cannot keep up with your alimony payments, you need to take the proper steps to have them reduced.

Reducing Your Alimony Payments

If you need to reduce your alimony payments, consider discussing the matter with your former spouse first. If you can reach an agreement, this will save you time and money you would have otherwise spent in court and on legal fees.

Not everyone is on good enough terms with their former spouse to work out a new agreement regarding alimony. If you cannot achieve a resolution with your former spouse outside of court, you can file a petition to have your payments reduced. To succeed with this request, you will need to prove a substantial and involuntary change in circumstances.

Below are some circumstances in which you may have your alimony reduced:

  • You involuntarily became unemployed your experienced a reduction in your wages
  • You developed a condition or illness that prevents you from working
  • Your former spouse got remarried or moved in with a new partner
  • Your former spouse received a significant wage increase

It is important to note that you cannot reduce your alimony payments by purposely leaving your job or accepting fewer responsibilities at work for lesser pay. The changes in your economic situation must be involuntary to warrant a reduction.

Moreover, it is possible for the reduction in your alimony payments to be temporary. For example, if you lost your job and just need time to find new employment, your alimony payments may resume as soon as you find a new job.

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