Common Child Custody Mistakes to Avoid

Child Custody

Child custody matters are often deeply emotional and have serious ramifications, which is why it is crucial to avoid making costly mistakes throughout the process. An experienced attorney can guide and advise you throughout your case, but you can also play an active role by becoming aware of the preventable mistakes you can avoid.

Avoid Making These Common Child Custody Mistakes

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than your children, so it is important to navigate your case with care and to understand what missteps you should avoid.

Here are the most common preventable child custody mistakes:

  • Reckless social media posts: People tend to vent a lot on social media. In a child custody dispute, however, venting on social media can come back to haunt you in court, so it is crucial not to post about your case, post pictures of yourself that may be misperceived, or badmouth your ex. Nothing you post on social media is worth sacrificing the custody arrangement you are seeking.
  • Angry messages: You will undoubtedly feel some anger throughout the course of your custody dispute, but you need to refrain from sending angry messages to your ex. No matter the context, this can make you look bad in court.
  • Being selfish: Now is not the time to look selfish. When dealing with child-related matters, it is important that you ask yourself if it will serve the best interests of your child and if it is fair to your co-parent. You definitely do not want the court to think you are being selfish.
  • Not following court orders: You might not agree with the court’s orders, but you should still follow them. If there is something you believe is unfair, you need to go through the proper channels to get it changed rather than trying to take matters into your own hands.
  • Trying to represent yourself: Although you may save on legal fees by handling your own case, you can potentially lose out on so much more if you choose not to hire an attorney. You may get lost in legal paperwork, court dates, and not fully understand the details of your case.

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