Should I Tell My Boss I’m Getting Divorced?

Workplace Divorce

Divorce is a very difficult and emotional experience for many, which is why people are often reluctant to talk about it, especially at work. However, there are a lot of reasons why you may want to share this news with your boss. Your life is about to undergo some serious changes and the process will undoubtedly disrupt your life in some ways.

How to Talk About Your Divorce at Work

When talking to your boss about your divorce, it is important to leave out the personal details. It is not necessary for your boss to know why your marriage is coming to an end or what your spouse may have done to contribute to it. Sharing this information will only make the situation uncomfortable and awkward.

Instead of providing too many overly personal details about the story surrounding your divorce, focus on discussing the facts. Your divorce will probably have an impact on your schedule, work load, and ability to take on extra projects, so be sure to discuss these matters. If you think you may need a little extra understanding and compassion, say so. You should also inform your boss of any upcoming court dates or mediation sessions that may conflict with your work schedule.

Of course, while it is reasonable to expect some flexibility at work during this challenging time, you should not use your divorce as a reason for why you are not getting the job done. We all go through tough times, but the world still turns and it is still important to ultimately get the job done. You do not want to risk losing your job in addition to the other troubles you may be facing during this time.

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