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Divorce can be one of life's most harrowing experiences, and while it is often freeing, it can be devastating as well. For many people, they have spent their entire lives with someone, only to find that, after retirement, things just aren't the same. Sometimes, entire families will have to face many changes during and after a divorce. If you or your spouse are seeking a divorce, you most likely have many questions you need help getting answered. It is vital that you hire an attorney who has the experience you need to get you through this divorce while remaining on your feet, both emotionally, and financially.

Central Florida Divorce Attorney Jody L. Fisher has represented the men and women from "The Villages" in divorce proceedings for years, and she can help you, too. Attorney Fisher works with people to counsel them about their children, property rights, alimony, child support and the goals that lay before them, and you can rely on her total confidentiality. She will work with you to make sure that your divorce goes smoothly, and she will represent you throughout all the proceedings. Don't let the end of your marriage be the end of your life: let Jody L. Fisher help make it an opportunity for growth, and a beginning to a new way of life for you.

The Florida Divorce Process: How We Can Help

A divorce can be a complicated process. Your emotional and financial future can seem to be at stake. Emotions come up. You need a lawyer who can calmly, persuasively, and aggressively maintain your interests in the pursuit of this divorce. Attorney Jody L. Fisher will work with you so that you fully understand all that is required so that the results of the divorce are favorable for you.

She can help answer the following questions:

  • How will divorce effect my retirement?
  • How much child support or alimony can I expect to receive or pay?
  • What effect will a divorce have on my business and investment portfolio?
  • How will my divorce affect custody of a child?
  • How do I deal with a modification of a divorce decree?

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Florida Divorce Lawyer Jody L. Fisher has worked with countless people in and around "The Villages" who are beginning their life again after their divorce. Let her help you through this, the way she has helped countless others. Call her at her Central Florida office, conveniently located near "The Villages," today at 352-241-0391. You may also email info@attorney-fisher.com or complete our online information form.

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